How I’m More Productive Without the Internet – 10x!



That’s right, you didn’t read the headline wrong which states that I don’t have internet. Now, before questions starting flying regarding my monk-like life style, let’s first get a few things clear. It’s true, I don’t have internet anywhere that I reside for long periods of time. This would include; my home or places of immediate business. I do, however have access to the internet via wireless connection at several places near by in which I much drive to in order to have internet on my devices. This is the core of this article and why not having access to the internet at all times has made me more productive in every area of my life.


When I moved to my current residence in Austin, tx Mid-April I had the opportunity, like everyone, to get installed internet in my home as a means to have access to the streaming lines of information pumped out every millisecond by news feeds, social media and email. Let’s face it, the internet is a very powerful tool for achievement-oriented individuals. We are able to get ahold on information on any genre or from any location in the word just by a quick type and a click. This always the super-achiever to gain that next leg up on competition, even if the competition is with himself. Instant feedback is awarded through this medium via comments from all perspectives and opinions. What a marvelous machine and power tool. Something that can grant you access to the world’s knowledge base and provide instant feedback for your ideas and creations. However, just as with any large machine sometimes the entity can become to large and consume more of our life than we might notice. You see, this mighty tool of the internet can suck in massive quantities of our precious time, allowing for us to get lost in a vortex of activities and inquires that contribute nothing to which we are striving for. This is where the semi-lack of access is the key to success via the internet.


As stated above, I don’t have immediate access to the internet in anyplace where I reside for long periods of time. The reason this has been a massive key to my productivity is because of how I use my internet time when I do have it. For instance; as I write this article I am sitting in my office with nothing from the online word to distract me. Facebook, twitter, news and the like have ZERO influence on my approach to this article. What this does is place me in complete control of my mind. Even though we have control over where our attention goes. Often it is harder to do so when there are easy access, even entertaining, distractions that are readily available. With the lack of internet to catch me attention or feed my curious mind, I therefore am placed in a position in where I much concentrate on the task at hand. So no matter if I’m writing an article for the six websites I contribute to or working on a video for youtube, I am completely focused without the self-sabotaging possibility of the internet sucking me in.


The perk to this lack is that I am REQURIED to be very artistic in how I use my time when I am on the internet. Whether I am at a coffee shop or an officeI much be very strategic, as I know my time is limited and I am therein required to focus ONLY on the most important tasks. If I want to watch a video on youtube, I am required to find the three or four that I value most and download them in order to watch them later at home. If I want to read news, I am required to be very direct in my search and careful in the sources. If I am to email, I answer the most important and send out what is most needed. If am to post to social media, I plan according to specific goals and criterion.


The LACK of the internet actually creates a GAIN of mental space and available attention to priority tasks. Also, I am placed in a very disciplined position in regards to computer us and productivity. The formula works like this:


  1. Do what can be done void of the internet.
  2. Plan pre-internet us based on top priorities and time limitations.
  3. Attack acquired internet use as if everything you did depended your successfully focused use of the internet.

Now, shut off that modem and get to acting on the things that REALLY matter.



What it Takes to BE Motivated — Consistently


Let’s face it — We aren’t motivated all the time. We go through peaks and valleys of motivation. When we are in a valley we tend to try to pull ourselves out by locking onto things that will motivate us. This might include things like listening to motivational speakers, reading motivational books and even attempting to change our state via chants and incantations. But question still remains; How does peak performers keep their state elevated day in and day out? The answer is simple, but may be more complex than most will be ready to commit to.

Before we get to the strategy of peak performer consistent motivation, let’s first examine our current state — and how we view it — our perception of how we feel. So, how do you feel right now? Your answer is a tell-all sign as to your readiness to take control of this peak and valleys process that we all seem to be victim of. If your answer was negative, then you may be the very thing that is holding you back from altering your motivation level. If your answer was semi-positive, then being on the fence is a sign of lack of focused decision making. If your answer was positive, then your ideal motivation state is higher than where you currently are. But simply becoming aware of HOW you answered the question is a very strong indicator of how you view your state. This tells you that you are judging yourself in some form or fashion, not allowing yourself to change by blocking growth.

STEP-BY-STEP: Here is your guide to accessing a consistent form of motivation…


STEP 1: CLEAR your mind of JUDGING your current state, allowing it to be as it is — regardless of how it feels. (EVEN if it feels horrible!) Peak performers allow how things are to just be, giving them an outside view and thus control.

STEP 2: THE KEY is to constantly adjust your mental image to something that motivates your deep down in your core. This is what peak athletes do but keeping in their mind the prize or accolades they will receive as a result winning.

STEP 3: REFOCUSING is the final step that is possibly the most crucial. You must keep refocusing your mind to that image as vividly as possible. This is paramount due to the vast amount of distractions that plague our daily existence. Keep moving your mind’s eye back to this image that keeps you going, regardless of what the external situations, people or circumstance may attempt to persuade you.


You have control over the 20% of your life that matters most. Ironically, that 20% directly influences the remaining 80% that most attempt to control. Don’t fall into that trap. Control that which is in your control, allow the rest to happen as result of your diligent efforts.




“Live your inspiration, deliberately!”

Media Diet: Why taking a break is an amazing idea

Did you know that according to the Nielsen report the average American watches 34 hours of television a week? When divided out, thats 4.8 hours of television per day. Now, take into consideration kids over the summer — you guessed it, the numbers escalate quiet a substantially.

When you take a look at how society has changed over the past decade, you might contribute those changes to the people that change within it. However, these changes are largely due to the change in the media’s influence. Things have escalated to an unhealthy degree. We are over stimulated, over used, and thrown out at the end of the day just to sit down to watch something that separates the family and promotes the diminishing of values. We are human, and there are values that come with being human. One, very important value is to be kind to one another, something that seems to be made into a joke in the mainstream media. We are seeing the rate of bullying increasing, along with the divorce rate above 30%(CDC). When individuals are spending almost 5 hours of their valuable time in front of a very influential television set – daily, you may not be a sceptic as to if we are being influenced, sometimes hypnotized, by the media.

According to Prof. Mary Lopez(Occidental College, California) reality television is thought to be responsible for the increase in crime rates for those who participate in the reality programming via television viewing. Laguna Beach has seen a significant increase in the number of sexual predators in addition to changes in illegal behavior from local teens since the debut of the MTV reality show, Laguna Beach. Furthermore, many reality television stars have experienced robberies since allowing the public to enter their homes through reality shows via television and only subscription services like Netflixs and Hulu.

Everyone says how video games are violent and that they make those who choose to play them more likely to be violent in their everyday lives and in their adults lives consequently.  Now, the research has shown that the same outcomes are prevalent after watching reality television.  Researchers argue that watching violent acts that are unscripted can cause viewers to imitate the acts in their every day lives. ”Aggression portrayed realistically is more likely to be imitated than non-realistic aggression” (Nelson).  There are three types of aggression- physical, verbal and relational- and this article touches on all of them and their role in reality television programs explored in a study in the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media.

We live in fast times where there are so many sources available to choose from in where our psychology has a hard time differentiating from what is healthy and what is detrimental. The  chief matter is our mental and emotional wellbeing. When these two things are in order the rest of our life may seem to be more organized and we are more rational, logical and productive.  Things of this nature need to be protected and cultivated — mass media is not doing this, it’s become a hindrance.

When a mind can be made to believe anything or persuaded to act via media influence, the people within the society need to take charge and speak their voice for they know is right and wholesome. Unfortunately, it seems that many want things to change but few seem to act in accordance to those wishes. Ultimately the importance of having a critical mind cannot be emphasized enough here. Implying the question: How many people must be hurt before change is demanded?

Acoustic Guitar Collection | THE ARTS

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Protein Blender Shake| NUTRITION

In Aristotle the mind, regarded as the principle of life, divides into nutrition, sensation, and faculty of thought, corresponding to the inner most important stages in the succession of vital phenomena.
-Wilhelm Wundt

Shake Form

1 Teaspoon: Flaxseed (coarsely ground)

Why? Flaxseed is a good  source of natural oil, Omega’s, and fiber.

1 Teaspoon: Cacao Nibs

Why? Cacao is great for mental and concentration properties.

1 Teaspoon:  Natural Coco (powder)

Why? Natural coco has been used for centuries for its blood, heart, and nerve enhancing properties.

2 Scoops: Whey Protein 80g protein

Why? Whey is the third best protein source of protein aside from eggs and hemp.

2 Teaspoon: Natural Peanut Butter

Why? Peanut butter is a source of natural oils and proteins.

1/2 Cup: Water (or to fill out)

Why? Hydration and digestion.

1/2 Teaspoon: Natural Honey (to taste)

Why? Honey is a great source of natural carbohydrates, and can be seen as a blood sugar stabilizer.

Blended: Ice

Why? For texture and temperature regulation.

To Your Health!

Thomas McGregor

Household Hazards Effecting Expecting Mothers| HEALTH

A Closer Look at Household Cleaning Hazards

Formaldehyde, phthalates, dioxane, petroleum distillates, glycol ethers – these are the names of some of the chemicals that dr. Rapp says pose a definite dangerous threat to pregnant women. “Some of the most dangerous groups of chemicals to pregnant women are found in household cleaning products,” says Dr. Rapp. “Two highly toxic chemicals, particularly during pregnancy, are petroleum distillates and glycol ethers, which are found in furniture polish, floor cleaners, air fresheners, glass, leather and upholstery cleaners and other formulas. Both petroleum distillates and glycol ethers can have the same effect on the developing fetus as regularly imbibing alcohol, depressing the nervous system.” She adds that human and animal studies have shown that these chemicals cause adverse reproductive, developmental and blood (hematological) damage via inhalation, skin absorption and ingestion. “The central nervous system, blood and blood forming organs and reproductive system are major targets in acute and chronic poisoning,” she adds. In an article[I] in the July-August 2002 issue of Archives of Environmental Health, researchers from MD Anderson Cancer Center conducted a clinical evaluation of 41 offspring of 28 females exposed to glycol ethers at their jobs for an average duration of 4.6 yeras. six offspring of five women wo were occupationally exposed during pregnancy exhibited characteristic dysmorphic (malformation of face or body) features that were not observed in 35 off spring of 23 women who worked in the same facility but who were not pregnant at the time of the exposure.

According to Dr. Rapp, some of the dangers of exposure to chemicals toxins in the home include the following:

  • Lower birth weight
  • Smaller head size and developmental delays
  • Movement, mental and behavioral problems
  • Increased or decreased activity levels
  • Slowed thought processing and “less bright” appearance
  • Lower reaction times
  • Compromised nervous systems

{T}Although, this may seem like a scary subject to approach, it is of best interest that we do. Today we face many challenges including a world filled toxins and poisons that slip into our daily lives. However, the healthy life we seek can only be defined by the efforts we place into finding the path to those answers. For sometimes I hear excuses from people regarding health and wellness.  Always implying that what they are looking for, they can find. My question to them is always, “Have you looked? Really looked?”. The answers for which you seek are usually the equivalent to the effort of your search. In the name of good health in this toxic world, I must suggest that the search may be tiresome. Is this search worth the effort? In the interest of your child (in the case of the above article), this is a nonsense question. For the search for clean air, a healthy supportive bodily organism, and brilliant birth outcome, the answer is instinctive. The job of understanding your surrounding environment is not that of one reserved just for the scientist. In this case, this understanding is your duty. The learning of this knowledge in regards to products you use and the resulting effects of your inhalation of these products is a learning of love. Just like you learned how to breath correctly for the birth. Just like you attended classed to know how to relax with your body as you enter into labor. Just as you have done all these preparations – this to is a clean preparations towards a healthy family.{T}

Thomas McGregor

Continuing Information:

This is a link to a website that promotes clean air and clean living. You will find an article listed there for which a study depicts further results surrounding adverse effects on children due to pollution and chemical intake via air inhalation.

Stressed Parents + Air Pollution = Kids with Asthma

“The study took a close look at the selected group of children, paying particular attention to parental stress levels and the air pollution of the area in which they lived. In terms of parental stress, this was gauged based on interviews with the parents; those who cited unmanageable, unpredictable and chaotic lives were deemed to be more stressed than those who seemed to have a better handle on things. Air pollution rates were based on traffic air pollution in the local area; things like whether or not the mother smoked during her pregnancy were also taken into consideration.”

*[I]July-August 2002 issue of Archives of Environmental Health

GOVERNMENT:: Testing Missile Defense Intelligence: Israel

JERUSALEM — Israel says it has successfully tested an upgraded radar for the Arrow missile defense system, developed with the United States and designed to intercept projectiles that might be fired at the Jewish state from Iran.

Defense official Yair Ramati says the test was conducted on Friday in conjunction with the U.S. Missile Defense Agency.

He says the purpose of the test was to validate the system’s improved radar.

He said a Blue Sparrow 2 missile was fired west to east from “deep within the Mediterranean” but he would not say how far from Israel it was fired or what sort of threat it was designed to simulate.

A defense ministry statement says the Blue Sparrow was “representative of potential ballistic missile threats facing Israel.” -The Huffington Post

In light of the interesting developments with today’s economical stability foundations, I find it even more interesting that you have Israel building and testing a new missile defense system in a soup of 151 billion dollars in debt. This, of course does not accountably amount to the $15.4 trillion that the United States is under. But, this still poses an interesting set of events that may signal something of a larger situation in the future. Most people don’t realize, but in order for someone to get a new desk in a government building it takes(just about)an act of congressional approval. Anything associated with governmental spending, control, or legislation takes significant and detailed planning on the parts of the delegated people in those positions of power. With this in mind, you must take into consideration the recent release by RIA regarding the successful testing of a new missile defense system by Israel. In order for this to come into nationwide play, many many steps had to be played out in direct succession and accordance to Israeli governmental protocol. After realizing this, you could imagine for just a moment what this could mean. For if the government of Israel went through all of the systematic steps to produce, fund, and test a  Block 4 stage of the interceptor that will soon enter service with the Israeli Air Force (IAF). Estimates are that they bought half a dozen missiles. Including some nuclear tipped Sunburn missiles for the US battle groups, from Russia. The plans that are subsequential to these actions give into the assumption that the Israeli government believes they are in need of such powerful weapons. Conclusively, you must take into consideration that for a country that is nearly $200 Billion in debt to create such expensive weaponry, is possibly equal to a country that is $15 Trillion in debt continuing to participate in a war lasting for 12 years.

By: Thomas McGregor