With a solid foundation rooted in a midwestern childhood, Thomas strives to serve everyone as the valuable individuals they are. Thomas prides himself in bringing the most value to each individual as they strive to become more of who they are, growing the potential that they are capable of.



Thomas is chairman and CEO of McGregor Corp. which is interested in creative investment opportunities. In addition to McGregor Corp., Thomas is vice-chairman of Franklin International Holdings, specializing in the foreign exchange markets. Thomas currently holds shares in numerous companies, serving as advising counsel or active board member.


Thomas is an intentionally accomplished violinist. Education includes study at the Suzuki Institute Mid-Southwest under Alice Joy Lewis. Thomas has recorded for ACR, Dualtone, Six Street Records, and Tiger Media. With over 1,000+ original compositions to date. Thomas has numerous works featured in films, TV commercials, and television shows. With countless music certifications, Thomas strives to treat each student individually, as to tap into their greater potential.

Twitter: @mcgrgeor_thomas

Facebook: Thomas McGregor

Genius: TMGenius 




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