How Students Can Thrive Under Pressure

Do you want your students to perform better?

I think we can all agree that we want to see the future take off into a prosperous direction, with the students of today to guide us in the future new technologies, disciplines, and discoveries.

We can accomplish this by simply applying the correct type of pressure to students. Good vs. Bad Pressure We need to realize and be honest that our world has become softer in regards to the standards we require of students. We no longer adhere to standards that push students but rather, we adhere to not hurting the feeling instead. This means that are initial motives are anchored in the wrong place. However, we can anchor ourselves in a way that allows for high standards to be met and at the same time, we don’t damage feelings. This would be known as Good Pressure.


As the creation of technology speeds up and, the spreading of ideas continues to increase – we are constantly facing the challenge of keeping up with standards that constantly challenge where we are at currently. So, the importance to continuing to hold students to high standards is ever more important as we enter the next decade of technological advancement. How do we accomplish this?


We neither neglect students’ emotions or their potential. We tend to focus on standards when we gauge the performance of students by what we believe their potential to be. This comes out of respect and a duty to be responsible for both; how students feel and, how much more they are capable of accomplishing. The key is this: Cultivating the relationship between welcomed emotions and constant growth. There is a direct relationship between staple emotions and growth in students.


  1. Keeping an open mind and not judging the current emotional state of the student. 

  2. Allowing for there to be a connection between emotion between stable emotions and growth.

  3. Making the students comfortable expressing growth through their current emotional state.



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