How Your Work Environment Affects Your Creativity

There is a lot of pressure for people to think in more creative ways a work. This catch 22 places the worker in a hard place because creativity operates best when everything is open and free-flowing, not pressure. Therefore, many employees are struggling these days to keep up with both; to create and to keep up in this fast-paced world that we live in.

The fact is this: Creativity is what drives innovation. Innovation will be what drives the future of technology and economic expansion. We need creativity if we are looking to continue to expand technology to even greater heights.

Adobe recently released a survey looking into creativity around the world. Its “State of Create” global benchmark study surveyed business people in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Japan.

Eighty percent of those surveyed felt that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth. Also, 75 percent said they are constantly under pressure to be more creative at work. Therein lies the challenge. If you’re feeling pressure to be more creative at work, more than likely you won’t be. Creativity doesn’t work like that.

As William Childs, director of Marketing and Communications at Trifecta Technologies in Allentown states:

“Any untested idea is going to require a leap of faith and involve some risk before it can be turned into a product or new service that can drive revenue.”

The Bottom Line: In order for innovation to take place, the working environment must support creativity. This means that the environment in the creative capacity must not function like no other environment in the company. The managers and additional superiors should allow creative innovators the space necessary to push innovation across the threshold.



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