Spirit of Ireland – Things I’ve Learned – Day 1

No sleep equals not missing a moment.

6.16.2016 Shannon, Ireland

IMG_0870It was about 90 degrees as I left JFK international airport for Shannon, Ireland. This trip was exciting for me for several reasons; 1. I was looking forward to meeting new people. 2. Interested in the business opportunities that were available. 3. Going to a land of magic and deeply rooted history. The weather going into Shannon was at a light rain and about 68 degrees. So I was happy to be going into some cooler weather that would allow for some ease of senses. Personally, I love rain. I feel as though it’s soothing and meditative. Therefore, after the 7 hour flight form JFK to Shannon, a light rain and cool weather was something I was looking forward to.

As most of you know, I have an obsession with learning and growing. I truly believe that the more you learn, and apply, the more rounded and better player of life you become. Therefore, by default, I went into this trip to Ireland with the same mindset I do with most projects: To learn and absorb as much as possible.

After Landing

After landing in Shannon and eating breakfast, I quickly secured postcards for my two sisters, Anna and Katie, who live in Kansas. I thought of how amazing it would be to receive a postcard from a foreign country – oh and – also from your brother. 😀After post-making them and dropping them into the mail, I waited for my ride to the B&B(Bed and Breakfast) that I would be staying at for the first night. At this time I had a total of 3 hours sleep since the morning of the 14th(82 hours). This was due to me staying up for my 3:30am ride to the airport all the way through to Shannon, Ireland with just a few snoozings on the second plane out of JFK. I don’t sleep very much as it is, but this was on a new scale for me. I’ve a lover of life and living, so sleeping is something that I use on an “as needed” basis… haha! Luckily, my lifestyle allows for a very flexibly sleeping schedule. Once my ride arrived, I was swiftly taken to the B&B which was about 20 minutes from the Airport.

Arriving at First B&B

The beautiful B&B, Bunratty Heights, is a charming cottage that has 7 rooms with a very comfortable living room, front-view dinning room, and spacious kitchen. The countryside where I was staying for the first night is a historic area IMG_0904of Bunratty Ireland. There is the Bunratty Castle, narrow roads that are outline with ancient stone fences (or mini walls), and simple reminders of the elegant beauty that has incased Ireland of millennia. As one my suspect, there is green everywhere. This is mainly due to the climate. The keeper of the B&B, Patricia, told me that Ireland has two seasons; autumn and winter. In autumn, (August to October) highest temperatures hit between 64 and 57°F. September is considered a mild, temperate month. Winter air temperatures inland normally reach 46°F, while the coldest months are January and February. This does not account for snow, or lack thereof. When Ireland gets, if they get any, or so much as 3 inches of snow, Patricia told me, will shut down everything; schools, federal buildings – telling workers to stay home. So the cool weather and rainy welcome that I received was typical and something that was quite magical.

First Activities

After I settled my things in, I had time to myself before the evening dinner that was to be down the road from the bed and breakfast. So, I decided to go for a run IMG_0899out and amongst the countryside to see what type of trouble I could get into. I literally just started down a road, allowing the road to take me where ever it led me. Interestingly enough, the road led me to this older gentleman that was working on a stone fence near a golf course that I found. I spoke with him for some time; everything from international politics to Irish farming. He told me that the land of Ireland is so intrenched with rock that you can’t plant anything but grass which, is perfect for raising sheep and cattle. He went on to tell me that he has 80 acres that has been in his family for over 4 generations, dating back to the famed Irish potato famine. In passing I met his son-in-law which he told me his son-in-law would inherit the land in order to keep it in the family. So, 200 years ago, when the people of Ireland attempted to plant in the ground they found all this really hard rock and limestone. So, being the industrious people that they are, they turned that rock into the stone fences we see now in Ireland. I asked him if that meant that the stone fences I saw today were that old, which he replied, “most, if not all of them, young lad.”

To Note:

  • Hulu does not support streaming in Ireland (No Shark Tank for a while..😑)
  • Pandora Radio does not support music streaming in Ireland. You can listen to online radio via http://www.liveradio.ie/
  • Everyone drives on the opposite side of the road from the US.
  • Their gasoline is calculated in terms of cents, not dollars. In other words, if you were to buy gas down the street from the airport it would cost you 133.9C or $1.34.



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