The Essence of Growth

Music is a part of our daily lives. We hear our favorite songs in the car, and sometimes new ones. The bright side of music is the comfortability and emotions that they enable. When this is challenged, we experience a brief period of discomfort. The discomfort is minimized if the new music we are trying out is closely linked to something we already like. Therefore, we can take the initiative gradually (virtually painless) into new territories of music emotion. This factor of change equally pain scenario is a very interested component of human psychology. Typically, we see comfort as a situation in where we received majority control and familiarity. In other word, if we feel as though we are in control and that we are “in sync” with our surroundings we experience less stress and, therein perceive the experience as a positive. This psychology is directly linked to older patterns of survival. In the woods, we were required to judge situation by their comfort, challenge level and familiarity. If our cognition could not line up with these three components then we have preconceived presumptions that danger is afoot. Our adrenals kick in and the classical fight or flight reactions kick in. This mechanism has served us well in the past to keep our species around for thousands of years. However, in the 21st this is needed less than 20% of the time yet, we tend to use it over 90% of the time. There are only a select isolated situation in where a Lion is coming to take off our head. Yet, we stress of money, food, hosing; the necessities. The land of the rich and plenty such as this world has become does not afford us the psychological disposition to continue using this mechanism. We only grow in the face of challenge. When we are up against odds that we don’t think we can win, and win, we become stronger in the wake of lesser issues. It’s only be remaining in our comfort zone shall we remain weak, unchallenged and easily moved. However, if we strive to be mountains of influence and positive change in the world we must embrace the challenges that face us each day with class, honesty and perseverance. 


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