How I played violin for 10+ HOURS

Have you ever reach a point of great effort when climbing a mountain? Well, maybe you’ve never climbed a mountain but, metaphorically speaking, have you?

This same feeling occurred when I reached over 10 hours of playing the violin in a single 48 hour period. You might have some questions regarding the authenticity of this statement that I fully intend to clear up.

Playing Time Outline


Practice: 1 Hour

Video: 30mins

Performance One: 2 Hours

Performance Two : 2 Hours

Total: 5.5 hours of playing time


Practice: 1 hour

Video: 30mins

Performance One: 2 Hours

Performance Two : 2 Hours

Performance Three: 1 Hour

Total: 6.5 hours of playing time

Total Hour Accumulation: 12 Hours of Playing Time

Here is my tip to players of any age or level; pace yourself and concentrate on being relaxed.

Now, I would not recommend this type of behavior for any elongated period of time. But I think it still can be character building. Just like you wouldn’t want to climb a mountain every day, every once in a while will give your great insights to your strength and mental capacity. Playing violin for long periods of time allows your to understand your limits and how to push through them. As stated before, it’s imperative to keep relaxed and your posture intact as not to gain injury from this activity.

Throughout the process I kept thinking of new ways to play in order to establish a more relaxed approach to something I had played differently in the past. What this did is open my mind to new ways of thinking about each song that I play. In other words, playing for this long enable (or forced) my mind to open up into new ares of technical flexibility. Just like when you are working out and don’t think you can go any long. When you finally push through your perceived limits, you find new strength and energy you didn’t know you embodied. While playing, I found this same strength.

Intelligently, I kept known beneficial arm and hand stretches at the ready in-between each long jot of playing. This allowed my hands and arms to not stiffen when at rest, as sometimes can happen — muscle constriction after intense stress. I also maintained a steady diet of high protein and water. The protein was to keep my muscles building and nutritionally supported. The water was to keep flushing any toxins that may results from the stress of overwork.

I learned that you can do anything you set your mind to. Allow for proven tools to come into play and for better ways to establish. My major take-away here is that you are always ready to do and be more if you’ve prepared in a way that supports your dreams.
With Appreciation,



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