Learning to Listen More with DiM13NSiON

The 2015 collaboration project DiM13NSiON is an ambient-electronic project with Cedric Theys of Mad Ducks Records that utilizes the 8-string guitar and 5-string violin, respectively. At this juncture we have recorded over 6 hours material and two live shows under our belt as we learn to expand out minds and technical abilities to accommodate the ever-expanding sound exploration. As a results of this expanding, I have been required to open my ears to the possibilities that are available when you do so.

Collaborating is an interesting process, as it challenges your preconceived notions of what music should be and how it should sound. This is a result of playing with someone that approaches the creative process in their own unique way. Therefore, there are two way we can handle this: 1. Be closed off to their perspective 2. Be open and learn from their perspective. By collaborating you are privy to a new way of looking at melodies, textures and layering. You will start to develop knew contributions to the collaboration as you assimilate concepts and ideas from the other person.

Throughout this process I have felt that due to this required opening of ears that my ears have been expanding to hear different ways of contributing, a side benefit of a wider creative listening. By allowing myself to listen, versus simply hearing, I open myself to fresh creative channels that aid in steering the direction of the musical conversation. The growth of the collaboration is completely interdependent on the listening of each contributor. This growth this enabled when the listening becomes deep and innovative. This is done when each player takes risks in order to push the envelope, allowing for new creative roads to be paved.

Top 4 Tips for Collaboration Expansion

  1. Listen to the other person more than yourself.
  2. Listen for new ideas that you can apply to your own contribution.
  3. Think win-win contribution to melodies, harmonies and rhythms.
  4. Strive to support the other player more than attempting to feature yourself.

Listen to DiM13NSiON HERE

With Appreciation,



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