3 enticing tips to play the violin like nobody else

Have you ever wondered what could set you apart from other players?

In this post I’m going to answer this question by giving you 3 tips to make you play the violin like nobody else!

Read on…

music, music educationPlaying the violin is really the art of noticing the nuance. For every nuance movement, sound and adjustment that you notice to improve your playing is the key to your success as a player. So, before you get started on these 3 tips make sure you understand that awareness of nuance is your first step towards success.

  1. Become an active listener. There is a drastic difference between active listening and passive listening. Passive listen is when you are listening to the music playing in the grocery store. Active listening is when you are singing at the top of your voice in the car to your favorite song. You are engaged with the music when you are actively listening. When you play the violin, become an active listen. Engage your mind in the sound that is being create. Listen to where the music takes you, the tune, the beat, and the melody.
  2. Play all the time. The more you play the better you get. You can’t do you best unless you know everything about what you’re doing. Play, play and yes, play! Think of it as if you were spending time with a person; the more time you spend with them the better you know them. Play during your free time if you can. You won’t get anywhere if you don’t practice. Improvise as you go along. It will teach you to listen to what the music tells you to do. Close your eyes while you play as well, force yourself to concentrate.
  3. Stretch yourself. Keep reaching for harder pieces to play. Look for more complicated exercises to work on. And, more of all, try something that you think is “our of your league” every once in a while. When you continuously reach past where you think you can go, you might surprise yourself. So keep reaching, keep stretching and, never stop exploring.

With Deep Appreciation,



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