Apply These 2 Secret Techniques To Improve Music Education

Okay, these secret techniques may not equal to something the government would deem “secret” but, these are techniques I can personally vouch for drastically improving the way I teach music.

We all want improvement. We all want to better. But we often don’t start with ourselves. We look to outside resources to improve what we are doing.

Let’s shift our focus to our selfs, and apply these techniques in order to change the game of teaching forever.

  1. Check ourself at the door: This technique requires you to stop before you inter the classroom. Make sure to keep your personal life, daily stressors, and anything else that may hinder your teaching at the door and not in the classroom. You must leave everything behind. This will drastically improve the way you teach. You will be leaving all that mental baggage, therein, not allowing it to influence your choices as a teacher.
  2. Ask the Student and Listen: Ask the right question of your students and listen, deeply, to their answers. This will give your massive insight into how they are thinking and what their needs are. Ensure that your questions are direct and with intention. If your intention is to gain insight, your questions should reflect this. The answers you receive from your students will not be what you’re looking for. You are looking for how they are responding and the implications of how they respond. This will give you an edge in your teaching game.

Live your passion deliberately!

With deep appreciation,





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