Here are 4 ways to play the violin better

We can be honest — we want to be better at playing the violin. This is a nobel aspiration and we should take every opportunity to become better!

In this post to you I hope to illuminate the 4 ways to play the violin better that have greatly impacted my performance on the instrument.

Take time to contemplate each tip. They have been carefully thought out and I truly hope that they benefit you in every way possible.

I know — the violin can be a challenging instrument to master.

Keep the faith! You can do it! 

The rewards will be well worth everything you put into your advancement on the instrument — and that’s a promise.

The key to the success of these betterment keys is to apply them where you are as a player. Be honest, and approach the tasks in a way that will springboard you from where you are to where you want to be.

  1. Analyze: Take time to analyze the are of study you are currently in. What this means is that you take time to become more aware of what you are studying in an effort to gain an larger vision of where what you are studying is taking you. Everything we study contributes to the map that we are following to achieve our dreams. When we study the violin this rule still applies. Analyze why you’ve decided to study a particular area. Is it actually helping you? Or, is it keeping you from more important areas? Pro Tip: Take 15mins before you start each practice to become more aware of how what you are studying is either helping you or hindering you.
  2. Listen: Do whatever you need to do to gain access to great music — the masters. Listen to every breath they take. Listen to how they phrase things. And, listen to them playing something you’re working on. By studying the masters we can shortcut many of our challenges. Furthermore, we can find new avenues for our own expression when we are given tools from the masters. Pro Tip: Find the song you’re currently practicing on youtube played by a master and copy the way they phrase it. This will give you deeper insight into how they think about the piece.
  3. Practice: You didn’t think I’d leave this out did ya? But before you scan past this tip, let me put a twist on it. Practice should be done in short hyper-focused sessions. Why short? Because our attention spans our getting shorter and shorter. Also, when we hyper-focuse our attention we absorb, remember, and articulate more. Pro Tip: A 20min hyper-focused practice is better than a 90min practice that’s scattered.
  4. Experiment: This might be my favorite! Don’t be afraid to experiment with your instrument. Try to make new and different sounds, rhythms, and songs. Try something crazy with your instrument. Go play for someone randomly in a gas station. I’m not kidding! Experiment with ways you can better impact and influence your community. This will give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Pro Tip: The more you explore your instrument the easier it will be to play. Think of your instrument as if it’s a person you need to get to know. Remember, you are in charge of how far you take your exploration; so, go CRAZY — and enjoy!

Live your passion deliberately!

With deep appreciation,





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