If You Have Passion, You Need Constant Inspiration

As an educator, having passion is what drives us. However, we are human and, sometimes that passionate light can diminish due to lack of personal inspiration.

This article is for teachers. This article is to bring you aware to the fact that you need inspiration in order to keep going in a passionate manner. Sometimes we don’t want to think as though we need help. After all — we’re teachers — we’re superheroes right? Not exactly, we are still human. Humans that need assistance everyone in a while.

Fist, what inspires you? What get’s your juices flowing and your heart pumping? Is it a good movie or something someone says?

I believe that we all have inspirational triggers that set us off both; in positive ways and negative ways. What we want to focus on here is the positive triggers that get us a-movin’.

The negative triggers are also important to know. Mainly, so we can avoid being in situations where they are stimulated.

The positive triggers we want to locate and use and jet fuel to propel our mentality until a passionate speed demon, ready to take over the world.

For example, what really inspires me is seeing others succeed and conquer great accomplishments. In other words, my inspirational trigger is to see what is possible beyond what I’m doing. If I see someone has played a song in under a minute, then I want to do it, but better (See Jesse’s Polka I did in 57seconds!). My trigger is being challenged to be and do better once I’ve seen what is possible. This get’s my creative juices flowing, thinking of new ideas I could incorporate into the project.

Q: What triggers turn you into a passionate jet?

 Once you have your trigger nailed down, it’s time for you to saturate yourself in it.

For me, this means watching people on youtube conquer mountains, break world records, and the like. This keeps me going and inspires me to be more passionate and driven than before.

Q: How can you saturate yourself more in your positive trigger?

This is the key moment when you will start to feel your blood flowing and your mind racing. You will want to take more action, create a better services and, inspire your students to do even better. This is when the circle has been completed. You have been inspired and through your passion inspiration is now being given. This is the beauty of passion. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Live your inspiration deliberately!

With appreciation,


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