5 Unconventional Ways to Teach

I feel as though teachers feel like they are spinning their educating wheels when it comes to their style in the classroom. Do you feel this way sometimes? Do you feel as though your way of teaching was brought about by others? Do you not feel as though you don’t have an original style of teaching? If this is true for you then this article is for you… I will outline the 5 Unconventional Ways to Teach giving you ideas for creating your own style of teaching.

  1. Audio Teaching: Teaching Through Voice / Song / Music Sometimes straight facts can be uninteresting and void of keeping the attention of students. Let’s face it, facts by themselves on a sheet of paper are a kind-of boring. With audio teaching you can use the gift of sound to bring the facts to life. By using your voice effectively or by turning the information into a song, your students will never forget the information due to your unconventional approach.
  2. Real-Life Teaching: Teaching with Real-Life Examples This can be a very fun one to implement. You can use this technique in combination with people of your community. If you are talking about fire safety, bring in a fireman and take your students out to see the fire truck in action. By showing them real-life application their view of the information with widen and become more concrete in their minds.
  3. Teaching by Teaching: The Art of Learning by Teaching Others This is one of my personal favorites because I believe it to work the best. When you get your students working together by teaching each other there is a sense of deeper learning due to having to really know what they know in order to teach it to others. Split your students up into groups, then have them teach each other something that they observed when they were learning about that subject. This will deepen their understand of both, the information at hand and of what you do as a teacher.
  4. Teaching by Strengths: Highlighting What Works Best What you will do in this style is find the strengths of each student and use them to best demonstrate a point in the lesson. This does two things; 1. You will build confidence in the students by focusing on an area they excel and 2. You will teach them that there is nothing wrong with being proud of what they can do well. For example, if a student can draw really well, have him draw a detailed image of something associated in your subject. If a student can sing really well, have them write a song about the subject you are working on. This is such a powerful style to implement. The changes you will see in classroom dynamic will astonish you.
  5. Teaching by Doing: Leaders Go First As a teacher you are a leader. Therefore, you must go first. You must take the first step, risk, and responsibility. By doing this you show your students that you are willing to vouch for them and their education. Show by example by doing the process before you ask them to do so. If something seems “reach for the stars” hard for them then, do it first – many times – and show them that even teachers make mistakes and are human. By showing your humanity within this style, you will demystify the “teacher-student” paradigm and allow for an equality to arise. This equality will enable the emotional centers of the students in a way that will allow them to come to you as a friend versus an authority figure. This is the ultimate in a student-teacher relationship.

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