Why Teaching Timing is Everything

I believe that how things are timed is very important for the success of any venture in life. Timing eludes to the intersection of two events or people at a particular moment. These types of intersections only happen as a result of synchronicities that are beyond our current understanding. However, there are some aspects of timing that we can have control over. The main being that we are prepared as much as possible. Because we never know when we might need a tool that we currently don’t have. Once we acquire the tools that we don’t need, we then realize that we need them at a later time. Time, at his point, won’t be an issue.

Why Teaching Timing is Everything 

This is a good question… Why IS timing important? Time is important because not every student is ready to learn what you have to teach at the time you are teaching it. If you have a curriculum to stick to this might seem like a concept that doesn’t apply to you. This simply isn’t true. Time is more important in your case because your only task is to teach the information in on school year that is allotted to you in the curriculum. Do you really need to teach it in the order they give it? No, especially since the order you have might not work for every student you are teaching. The question that follows is in how you accommodate each student in the classroom so that your timing works well? The answer is simple; you become so acquainted with your students that you are able to group them together in learning speeds. Once you have them in metaphorical “groups” on a list in your desk, placing them in categories so you can see how to address those that need more help and those that excel. By focusing on the timing of when you give educating you will be able to give attention where is needed and where it’s. As you can see, timing is more of a focusing tool above anything else. When you focus on the timing of how you educate, you allow yourself some flexibility and freedom to support your students in the current way. Timing what you teach and when you teach it will offer more satisfying results for your students.

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