3 Pieces of Teaching Advice to Live By

Isn’t it amazing that we are able to positively influence our lives through teaching and, positively influence teaching through our lives? We are all individual with unique perspectives on world, so we are able to influence and be influenced through the journey of educating others. The key is to be open to these changes and allow for them to shape new ways of thinking and seeing the world. As a result we find truths that transfer from classroom to personal life. 

  1. Patience: Being a teacher requires that you have a generous amount of patience. Patience is defined as having the tolerance of enduring suffering without acting in anger. When you come to terms with a solid foundation of patience in the classroom, your emotions will stay in check. Patience takes practice and means you will need to take a moment before reacting to a situation. As educators, events are going to occur that are out of our control. These situations can cause stress and anxiety if we don’t implement patience. This deep element of patience can be transferred to our every day life simply. When the drive cuts you off on your way to the store, you can implement patience with yourself as to not get automatically mad. When the gas station clerk takes long to give you back your change, you can act in patience as to not stress you or him out by trying to rush him. Patience is very much needed in this day. Use as a muscle and see the changes in your life occur.
  2. Inspiration: Inspiration appears when we are least ready. This is because implementing inspiration is hard due to the over thinking we do. This is why we need to remain open to inspirational situations that may pop up at a moments notice. This could be from something that a student says. It could be something a parent says about how well you are teaching. No matter the situation, we must be ready and willing to invite inspiration into our lives. As a by-product, we should strive to give inspirational thoughts and ideas to others that grace us in our lives. Family, friends and, even strangers can benefit from some encouraging thoughts now and then. Let us make it a practice to have this occur more often than we currently do.
  3. Vision: We all know how important it is to hold a solid and clear vision for our students. A vision can offer a clear sense of where we are taking them and, most importantly, seeing where they might end their journey with us. Having this vision is incredibly empowering. The vision gives us a sense of control over how we impact the students under our care. It should, because it does. Just as vision establishes empowering control for our students, so can it for our lives. We must take action to see a large vision for our lives so that we too can act in accordance with a wider impact of our community. The key here is to allow for our ultimate vision to take shape regardless of what takes hold in our mind. It might seem crazy, but all large visions are. Keep your vision strong and intact. Allow no one tell you that it can’t be done or that you are stupid. You aren’t. You have a vision and, you will win!

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