8 Ways Teaching Will Make You a Better Person

Wouldn’t you like to be a better person? I truly believe that all educators have an “improvement bone” that keeps them improving the way they operate. As teachers, we strive to be better communicators, role models and inspirations. Below I will reveal 8 ways teaching will make you an EVEN better person. Keep reading …

  1. Understanding: When you teach you learn that you need to be more understand of personal differences if you want to be successful. Teaching will refine and shine your rough edges to make you better at understanding the perspectives of others.
  2. Creative: Teaching children, especially, will keep your mind moving and active. What this does is require you to be creative more often than the non-teaching individual. You will constantly be needed to come up with new ideas and activities to keep your students engaged and interested.
  3. Kindness: There is element of kindness that is needed when teaching. This element is essential to effectively transfer knowledge to your students. This softness relieves some tension and stress in the education process, allowing your students to learn with ease and flexibility.
  4. Ingenuity: Sometimes you won’t always have what you need at the moment that you need it. Because of this, you will need to create what you need out of what you have. This means you will need to keep your eyes open for situations that will stimulate ingenuity as so to create tools that better demonstrate what you are teaching.
  5. Organization: In order to be a fine educator you must be as organized as humanely possible. This is a major habit of mine. I enjoy nothing more than spending a Sunday afternoon organizing lesson plans, paperwork and assignments. Organization is required if you want to run a fluid classroom.
  6. Advancement: The teaching profession will enable you situations to advance as a teacher. You will be endowed with the best of educational materials, publications and resources. Even if you don’t think that you have much at your disposal, there is always someone that is willing to aid you in your professional development. Ask questions of parents, students and peers in order to make your teaching even better. 
  7. Contribution: By being a teacher you have a unique opportunity to contribute to the community around you. Take your students into the community and get them evolved with the engagement that comes along with human connection. Allow for your students to create ideas that allow them to exchange conversation and interaction with people they’ve never met. This will give you a huge sense of accomplishment, with a feeling of gratitude that you are a teacher.
  8. Legacy: Teaching, above all, will give you a sense of how you will impact the world. You will be able to see the impact you are making, knowing that you are leaving a legacy that has positively impacted the future. This feeling will put you at ease as you contemplate the ideas you have bestowed in your students.

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