6 Commitments Every Great Teacher Makes

With a little awareness we can inspire our students to greatness.

We can all sum up our teaching ability into how often we operate from our personal philosophy. Our personal philosophy is our moral compass from which our actions take energy from. If we have a misconstrued sense of the world, then we might want to take action to refine our personal philosophy. If not, we can still take time to polish the commitment we have to our students with these 6 crucial commitment pillars.



  1. Responsibility: We must make the commitment of responsibility for our actions and choices. We may not always have the answers but try our best. The acknowledgment of personal responsibility indicates that we are willing to be human. We are willing to notice the flaws in the choices we make. Taking responsibility will give your confidence and poise when teaching and speaking with parents.
  2. Service: We must make a commitment to humble services to our students. We must understand that we are here to serve them and their needs. A service attitude is one of simplicity. This is simple shift if mind-set. Once you shift your mind-set to services the tone of your teaching will also shift to a more communicable language.
  3. Leadership: We must make a commitment to lead. Leadership means taking the risks, making the decisions,  and showing by example. By being a leader you are committing to being a role model for your students. Someone that they can look up to and immolate for future success.
  4. Continued Learning: We must make a commitment to continued learning. There is great value in learning more of our craft; communicating. Teaching is actually the art of communicating effectively. Therefore, by continuing to learn we can build our skill of communication .
  5. Open Mind: We must make a commitment to having an open mind. By having an open mind we can be flexible to change. Change is all around us. Change is what learning is. Change can be stressful. The goal here in having an open mind is in becoming comfortable with change. This, you can do in an instance when you acknowledge that change is all around you and you are in the midst of it. Take a couple deep breaths and let it flow.
  6. Vision: We must make a commitment to having vision. Vision is when you have a larger image for the future. Having this mental image will give you immense power when impacting your students. The larger the vision the more you will compel your students to achieve. The clearer the vision the faster it will materialize. By having a vision you will shape the destiny’s of your students. This is because they come into your classroom with lack of vision. You will fill that need by having a clear, focused, and large vision.


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