How To Know If Your Teaching Has Purpose


Having purpose to your teaching is arguably the most important component to your success as an educator. The purpose you find within yourself will be your guiding light, your compass, the internal road map you rely on to make decisions and when taking action. Your purpose will also determine the success of your students as it will shine through everything you do thus, transferring to each and every student you come into contact with.


First you need to find those that you may learn from; a mentor.

Who do you admire?
What is it about how they teach that resonates with you? Is the style they exhibit? The words they use? Their tone of voice? There are so many keys to your own purpose in noticing it in those we admire. It may be the way in which they teach as a whole or navigate a classroom – both hold keys to the insight into your own purpose in teaching.

Let go of unconscious needs to make locating your purpose easier When you are unclear on anything this means that there are some unconscious conflicts in your system. The simple answer is to just be who you are as you will call experiences to you that only you can attract. The experience you will have will be a result of you just being yourself and will yield many insights into your purpose as a teacher. Remain open to challenges you face and how you handle finding the solutions to those challenges.

Clearing blocks that keep you from your purpose. Can you imagine living a life that was full and with no excuses? What would you attract? What type of people would come into your life? What would you create?

A common thought is that when you dive into living your purpose you will lose the relationships, experiences and lifestyle that you hold dear. The fear is that your life will change so drastically that nothing will be familiar or comfortable. The shift is a simple one. You purpose being apart of who you are already. Therefore, the only change will be in you and how you interact with your experience. Everything else will remain.

I want you to take some time to think about what you need to do and the person you need to become in order to live your teaching purpose to the fullest. What do you need to release in order to live your purpose in every moment of every day? This may be the fear of change itself.

Be present key! When you are present and fully grounded in your purpose you are aware of what is going on around you. This gives you access to choices that weren’t seen before, when you had your blocks in place. By being in the moment you can serve your students to the fullest of your ability. This will not only benefit you or your students. Being present allows you to positively influence the future generations.

Reminder: Your purpose IS YOU at this moment. It’s not in the past or the future. Your purpose is a living breathing part of who you are in every moment of every day. Live it! Embody it! Your students will notice, your parents will notice, and the future will notice.



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