3 Secrets to Influencing Students

As a teacher, influencing your students is of top priority. You want to make the biggest impact on their lives so they can become productive members of society. Furthermore, you want to make your mark as a educator. The best way to do this is by knowing how to influence your students in a positive way that makes a lasting impression.

1. Watch Your Tone 

When you speak to your students,  understand your part in their developmental process. Each word you speak should have a high value and purpose to it. Some teachers relish in every opportunity to criticize their students. Criticizing gives some teachers an opportunity to hear their own voice and feel important. Know your place and understand that you are a guide in the overall development of their growth. You purpose should be keep yourself in check and guide your students with kindness and discipline.

2. Motivational Mind

Recalibrate your mind before each class for a focus towards motivation. Students of all ages tend to not get enough motivation from any area of their life, and this is where you can step in and make a difference. Recognize good work in class, display creative work in the classroom for everyone to see. Send positive notes home to parents so the parents can initiate praise at home. You can also hold monthly award shows in your classroom in-where everyone gets a different type of award. Some awards may include; “The most creative” “The most thankful person award”. You are rewarding for both contribution and attitude.
3. Community Involvement 

Taking students out and about can drastically impact the lives of your students. This is more than simply taking a field trip. Taking your students to be more community involved means you are allowing them access to see how what they are doing changes the world around them. This can even be done without leaving the classroom by having them write letters to people in the community in fields of work that interest them. If a student is interested in construction, have them write a letter asking question about construct to the leading construction company CEO in your city, for example. This will teach them to get out of their space and engage their environment, also giving them a wider sense of where they live. This single thing can change the life of a student forever. Every time they realize that what they do impacts a larger whole, they will take greater care of the actions they take with a sense of honor for the work they produce. The positive feedback from the community will also propel the students positivity as it perpetuates positive momentum as they realize that what they are doing matters to more than their parents or teachers.


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