Knowing your instrument – your instrument is like a person

Your instrument may be a more apart of your life then you think. The fact that the average music student spends 30mins a day with their instrument is only part of the equation. Every time you hear your instrument on the radio or see it in a photograph, you are reminded of the playing you do. This could account for many more hours “spent” with your instrument.

You see, getting to know your instrument is far more than the physical application of taught techniques and songs. You get to know your instrument by thinking about it and envisioning how you want to sound. In the most successful sports teams, for instance, visualization is key to their success. The reason being that the players envisioned the outcome before actions took place. What this does is set in motion the muscles and mentally needed to produce the desired outcome.

Taking a couple minutes several times a day to visualize how you want to play will further fortify your overall playing. This is very close to actually practicing your instrument. In fact, these visualizations can double or triple the time you spend with your instrument. Take the challenge, and spend more tome with your instrument through visualization.


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