What if music didn’t exist ?

What would life be like if music was simply not apart of the experience? Can you even fathom that idea? We are so conditioned to hear music throughout our daily lives that I believe that we take it for granted, allowing for it to become less of important. But you know what they say; you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. And just suppose that tomorrow you wake up and there is no music anywhere. No access to music, or ways of making music. How different would life be? I suppose that it would be drastically different. Or would you notice?

Music has become an integral component of your lives. From travel, to advertisements. From movies, to communication. Music has become a vital part of every aspect of your lives. Here’s a challenge: For 24hrs take a mental count of every time music is introduced in a situation. For example; you get in the car to go to work and the radio plays Tim McGraw because it’s set to your favourite country music station. Then, after the song is over, a commercial for a local tire establishment airs with a quick 30 sec jingle. After you get to work, you walk in and hear some saxophone in the lobby. Even though you don’t like smooth jazz, music is music. At this juncture, how many musical situations are we at? The answer is, three. Just think, this is within an hour; 8am-9am. And this wouldn’t account for if you stopped for breakfast or for gas. These two additional places would definitely have music, then your radio would be on in the car between each additional destination. Also, take into consideration that I only accounted for one song on the radio and one commercial. We all know that there would be more within a 45min drive to work.

For 24 hrs take a mental count of every musical situation you find yourself in. This may take some practice, so do a practice day first. You will be very surprised how integrated music is into our lives, leading to a deeper appreciation for the sounds that make up our existence.


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