The Infinity Platform: Internet for the Massively Creative

How much can you create? How many new ideas can you come up with in a given time frame? Let restructure the question differently. I give you an hour, a blog, a YouTube channel, and free WiFi; how much content will you create? If your knee-jerk reaction is “I don’t know” then you may be missing some of the main components in creative producing. You see, there are three types of individuals. They are: 1. Spectators 2. Fans 3. Creators And depending on your temperament, you fall directly in line with one of these three category. To find out is simple. You simply need to locate where your focus is 89% of the time. For instance, if you enjoy following the crowd, or going along with premade ideas, you are a spectator. If you like to get involved in causes, charities, or social movements, your need for involvement categorizes you as a fan. Finally, if like to sit and make something, paying close attention to details, in an effort to make an impact, you are a creator. To be clear, neither single one of these are better or more important than the others. We are who we are and that’s perfectly okay. (I am a creator, for the record.)

If you fall into the third category, you will find comfort in the previous question posed. You see, most creators know what they would create if given the time and resources. They have big goals, aspirations, and mental map to how they will achieve their vision. Therefore, the answer to the “hour of time” question[above]should directly relate back to your larger vision.

There are two main components to accessing the most out of the infinite platform or, the internet. As I referenced above in my question, two of the three things I would give you are online(YouTube/video and blog/written word). The other, time, we all have and can make out of thin air. These two components are; 1. Knowing exactly what your message is and 2. Thinking creatively. Once you have these under your thumb and your larger vision is clear you can create, virtually non-stop, for any amount of time you wish. You can continuously think in these ways that are linked to your larger vision and goals, you will be full of ideas that compel you to create on a constant basis.

Connect all your large vision to what your message is and then something that is different and creative. This will allow you to free form thought and allow new ideas to flow. Take action today and create a video, blog or vlog. See how many ideas you can come up with in an hour. You might just surprise yourself.


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