Mark Cuban — Making Waves in the “MarkeTank”








“You have to know how, where, and when to be over the top.”

“Mark Cuban, notorious billionaire entrepreneur…” is the opening line to Mr. Cuban’s introduction on the hit TV ABC series, Shark Tank. This, for many, is the first they are learning of this man that is making waves across many mediums, in an effort to solidify is personal brand and all the brands he is in charge of. Before the show, Cuban was simply another Silicon Valley investor that made a ton-load of money by selling something he created, after increasing it’s value.

Being bold is his style. Saying it straight and saying it to your face. This, possibly, may be the key factor to his success. Coming from small beginnings, Mr. Cuban started selling trash bags door-to-door in an effort to make some extra cash. Learning to fail, and to learn from his failures, he was hooked. He was ready to venture into bigger ideas, schemes and endeavors. That would eventually lead him to selling Broadcast TV to Yahoo for $6.5Billion and buying a lifetime of no want for money. Being the smart investor he was, he decided to turn venture capitalist and start investing in the ideas of other people. This would enable him some control with minimal responsibility, with incentive to help in order to turn a profit.

In a recent article in Inc. magazine, Cuban goes into a length discussion regarding to craft of being bold. Knowing where in the company to apply your audacity is key to the success of any organization, regardless of size. A key thought to remember is that audacity, or boldness, does not mean that you stop learning. As a leader Cuban points out that it is part of your job description to keep an open mind to changes in the economic clement and the internal culture of the organization.

At the end of the day a leader of an organization should be audacious in the way he deals with his customers and employees alike. But, however, only to the extent that the audaciousness is constructive and thought provoking. You want to move people in to directed action, not scare them with how you approach them. A solid leader knows how to inspire individuals into action. Buy being audacious in the right way you can make waves in your company and the “marketank” by inspiring everyone to be bold!


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