How I’m More Productive Without the Internet – 10x!



That’s right, you didn’t read the headline wrong which states that I don’t have internet. Now, before questions starting flying regarding my monk-like life style, let’s first get a few things clear. It’s true, I don’t have internet anywhere that I reside for long periods of time. This would include; my home or places of immediate business. I do, however have access to the internet via wireless connection at several places near by in which I much drive to in order to have internet on my devices. This is the core of this article and why not having access to the internet at all times has made me more productive in every area of my life.


When I moved to my current residence in Austin, tx Mid-April I had the opportunity, like everyone, to get installed internet in my home as a means to have access to the streaming lines of information pumped out every millisecond by news feeds, social media and email. Let’s face it, the internet is a very powerful tool for achievement-oriented individuals. We are able to get ahold on information on any genre or from any location in the word just by a quick type and a click. This always the super-achiever to gain that next leg up on competition, even if the competition is with himself. Instant feedback is awarded through this medium via comments from all perspectives and opinions. What a marvelous machine and power tool. Something that can grant you access to the world’s knowledge base and provide instant feedback for your ideas and creations. However, just as with any large machine sometimes the entity can become to large and consume more of our life than we might notice. You see, this mighty tool of the internet can suck in massive quantities of our precious time, allowing for us to get lost in a vortex of activities and inquires that contribute nothing to which we are striving for. This is where the semi-lack of access is the key to success via the internet.


As stated above, I don’t have immediate access to the internet in anyplace where I reside for long periods of time. The reason this has been a massive key to my productivity is because of how I use my internet time when I do have it. For instance; as I write this article I am sitting in my office with nothing from the online word to distract me. Facebook, twitter, news and the like have ZERO influence on my approach to this article. What this does is place me in complete control of my mind. Even though we have control over where our attention goes. Often it is harder to do so when there are easy access, even entertaining, distractions that are readily available. With the lack of internet to catch me attention or feed my curious mind, I therefore am placed in a position in where I much concentrate on the task at hand. So no matter if I’m writing an article for the six websites I contribute to or working on a video for youtube, I am completely focused without the self-sabotaging possibility of the internet sucking me in.


The perk to this lack is that I am REQURIED to be very artistic in how I use my time when I am on the internet. Whether I am at a coffee shop or an officeI much be very strategic, as I know my time is limited and I am therein required to focus ONLY on the most important tasks. If I want to watch a video on youtube, I am required to find the three or four that I value most and download them in order to watch them later at home. If I want to read news, I am required to be very direct in my search and careful in the sources. If I am to email, I answer the most important and send out what is most needed. If am to post to social media, I plan according to specific goals and criterion.


The LACK of the internet actually creates a GAIN of mental space and available attention to priority tasks. Also, I am placed in a very disciplined position in regards to computer us and productivity. The formula works like this:


  1. Do what can be done void of the internet.
  2. Plan pre-internet us based on top priorities and time limitations.
  3. Attack acquired internet use as if everything you did depended your successfully focused use of the internet.

Now, shut off that modem and get to acting on the things that REALLY matter.



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