What Successful People Do to Keep Being Successful – Everyday!


It’s a Tuesday morning and you are debating whether to get the coffee and the doughnut or just the coffee. After all, the coffee will give you the boost you need and you can save the money spent on the doughnut to spend somewhere else later. This type of thinking may seem rational and logical, the fact remains that massively successful and productive people(super achievers)simply think differently in ALL situations that we ALL experience day-to-day. If you have spent any time with your nose in one ore more book entitled with a catchy “wealth” phrase, promising to show you the habits of successful people, there is often ONE key element or “habit” that each book seems to neglect to mention, but showcases brilliantly. This key trait of super achievers is by for the most important skill to cultivate — it will change your life, business and destiny.

To reinforce this claim I will explain to you exactly what to do in a step-by-step way that will ensure your success, if you commit to using it in your life very day in every way. Your commitment will, in and of itself, embody your drive to be successful in a way that others will take notice and strive to be like.

First, let’s examine what we’ve been told; We’ve been told that in order to be successful we need to wake up early, exercise, and establish daily success habits that have a solid track record within the life category we wish to improve. This, although well intended, is something that seems be hard to implement on a consistent basis. This is because are missing one key PERCEPTION CHANGE that will not rely on any particular set of rules or “success habits”.

You see, we are programmed to resist change. In the wild change symbolizes danger, pain or even death. This is why it’s so extremely difficult to “change ourselves” into becoming successful. But the good news is that YOU CAN DO IT with a simple SHIFT in perception.

THE KEY: The key is this; You must keep your moment – to – moment perception in check. In other words, you must constantly think to yourself “Is this coffee directly related to the successful life I want to lead?” or “Is this comment to a coworker directly related to the the successful life I want to lead?” Here it is, the special sauce; successful super achievers directly relate what they are doing in the moment to THEIR vision of success. Then, they apply the actions necessary to make that vision a reality. If this means waking up early and drinking tea instead of waking up 30mins before work and slamming coffee, then so be it. Super achievers make no exceptions when it comes to their success and the what they perceive their moment – to – moment success to be.

STEP BY STEP: Here is the formula you need to master to engage your super achiever self.

1. Select your “success center”. This is what you relate everything back to ever moment of every day. Answer the following question to find your success center: “What is my ultimate vision of success in the most detail as possible?”

2. Keep a solid awareness of your daily moment – to – moment experience. This will take time and practice — but its WORTH it! Meditation, exercise and keeping your mind calm will help.

3. Relate everything in your current experience to your success center. Asking the following question: “Does the relate to my ultimate success vision?” or “How does this enable me to be the success I want to be”?



There you have it! GO! APPLY! You can win this game and have your cake too!

And remember;

“Live your inspiration, deliberately!”


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