The Next 3 Things To Immediately Do for 2014 to Get the Most Out of Technology


As this year comes to a close, we look forward to the next year to see how we can make innovations within our platform to make for a healthier more profitable year. As we do this we tend to look at areas of our business that we have used before, even if those ares aren’t yielding the results we want. Our logic is that we can reengineer what we’ve done in the past and make it better for the following year. The fact of the matter is that this is a futile fight that could be best redirected if we were to leverage technology to our advantage. This would enable us time and resources that we didn’t know existed because we were to caught up with trying to reuse what didn’t work last year.

The phrase “leveraging technology” is often batted around in circles from which most aren’t versed in. This phrase can imply many things, often though of must in terms of blogs, Youtube videos and fan pages. As these are not bad uses of technology, let us see if there is more we can pull out of it.



1. Cloud Services: Set up a cloud account from which all of your employees, partners and collaborators can access. You can create different accounts so that you can keep these different departments separate. My recommendation is to use, manly for the versatility, utility and convenience of the platform. In Google Docs you can create complete presentations, spreadsheets and save files all in one place. This will keep communication fluid and centrally located, lessening confusion and internal complications.


2. Quirky Videos: We have seen more videos go viral this year than the last three years combined. The demand for interesting and engaging short videos online has resin to an all time high. By leveraging this technology you will be able to take advantage of the “Word to Mouth” principle. Meaning, you produce the video once and it will carry it’s own weight via the interest others will take — wanting to show their friends. is a wonderful platform for this type of viral marketing. Youtube enables SEO and interaction with the patron. Even if the videos are a little weird, the attention that you will receive will be worth it.

Customer Relations

3. Virtual Assistant: This is something that is a must! Your customers, once converted or taken care of, aren’t interested in the frilly stuff. During the check out process, your customers are interested most in being taken care of in the fastest most efficient way possible. This is way it of paramount importance that you commit to a virtual assistant for your business. reported that more than $315 million of transactions are made online in any single day. If your business has any part it that has an online component, you(or should)have a way to pay online. ZenDesk( is where you should invest, and you can start for just $12 a year. ZenDesk offers unique customer support and supreme service for your customers. This will allow you time that you would be spending yourself, enabling you the time to make money while you are making money.




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