Skaters Take Spotlight from Disappointing Holly Cole Christmas Day Performance


Gathered around the television mid-Christmas morning to watch the graceful glide of the master skaters appearing in the CBC’s production of the Holiday Festival on Ice. Amongst the glam and the glitz, slides and strides, there was one component that didn’t fit the elegant holiday scene. Some hypothesized that Holly Cole, the featured musical performer, had received notification of her appearance via the owner of the ice rink — her father. Sadly, Cole isn’t related to the owner of the of the rink, unfortunate because that may have given a plausible excuses for her performance.

Holly Cole, Canadian Jazz Singer

Holly Cole, if you aren’t aware, is a signed(Alert Records)Canadian Jazz singer with sixteen albums to her name. With a heavy touring schedule and experience to boot, the thought of a valid musical mistake during a internationally televised holiday event is unthinkable and unrealistic. As a general rule, Cole did not fit the bill that matched the feel for which was portrayed by every other aspect of the event.

The skaters were flawless, truly encompassing the art and mastery of the human body dancing on ice. Holiday Festival on Ice, a star-studded event, featured Olympic medalists and national champions sharing the ice in a way that truly showcased what is possible. Unfortunately, the music of Holly Cole did not align with the hard work of the elite skaters. It seem as though Cole had not rehearsed her live performance in diligence. Her performance seem as though she was out of her element, missing key elements of classic Christmas songs. At the start of each song, Cole’s voice was in a state of needing auto-tone and rhythm lessons. From a profession, Jazz, singer, one would only expect an on-par performance. The performance given by Cole on Christmas was barely at the low-standard mark.

As the holiday fades into a cherished distant memory, let us take note of the things that left a positive impression on our heart. In the case of the Holiday Festival on Ice telecast let us remember the excellence of the skaters, regardless of the musical accompaniment.


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