The Unexposed Secret of Perception

The mind is always an interesting subject of study. With the many facets of our intellect at our disposal, it seems that we fail to exercise even a fraction of what we are capable of. In some regard, this is in part the result of how we were raised as children – about 20%. The other 80% is due to our lack of engaging with our imagination and how we may internally change the way we see the world.

The idea that our perception can be altered by a simple internal shift my seem foreign to you, but let me assure you that there is nothing more intimate to you than anything else within your intellect. If you don’t believe me, just remember the last time you were asked to imagine a feeling different than what you were feeling at that moment. As soon as your feeling change, your perception of the current environment changed. As you can see, when the way we feel the way we see our environment changes to match the new feelings we are ¬†experiencing. This same experience is typically enjoyed in the opposite manner; our environment is altered and thusly feelings follow. The question is; if I change my perception of the environment, will my environment change? Yes, it will. Don’t take fright, this is a positive. Since we can use our imagination to alter the way we feel, we can therefore change a negative situation into a positive. This enables us to make any situation or environment into a desirable sensation and outcome.

A study from Karolinska Institutet in Sweden shows, that our imagination may affect how we experience the world more than we perhaps think. What we imagine hearing or seeing “in our head” can change our actual perception. The study, which is published in the scientific journal Current Biology, sheds new light on a classic question in psychology and neuroscience — about how our brains combine information from the different senses.

This deems our imagination of much more value than previously thought. We are endowed with a unique tool that can change the way we see our would. Just imagine, that you could directly see the wealth, health or prosperity you wanted to see? If we all knew the secret to this great deception, the lines would be around the block. The secret is not elusive, found in our ability to expand our imagination. When we expand out imagination we enable our mind to think outside the box of conventuality — the change in our inner reality to something of different via the use of imagining. When we look, we see that our imagination are a series of images that appear in the eye of our mind. These images typically guide the way we lead our life. We “imagine” how someone is going to act. We “imagine” how the party is going to unroll. In fact, we often hear proclaimed “I imagine the drive will be pleasant.” This leaves us to believe that aspect of our imagination are fixed and unchangeable. Delightfully, this is the furthest from the truth. Every aspect of our imagination is flexible and open to our will of change. This is the golden ticket to the human experience.

The most important component that supports our ability to alter our perception of our environment is that of the strength of our imagination. Our imagination is strengthen directly when we attempt to think as if anything were a unique possibility. Through out imagination, we can exaggerate and extend each though(image)into something that is more brilliant or interesting. We can create our mental images as elaborate as we want. A creative inter expression that is pre-physical creation.

Once we have made the imaginative shift, we are therefore able to experience changes in our external environment. At this juncture, the changes we experience wont seem as a shock or foreign. You will feel comfortable as you are now relating your inner experience with your external. Now, you can experience what you want to experience when you want to experience at will. The simple act of using our inherent imagination to influence our inner state therein changes how we perceive the world for which we live.


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