Self Cultivation is the Art of Business Growth


There is a common misconception that there are “hidden” steps that top corporations_MG_0307edit023 know that grow a business to it’s full potential. This misconception is rooted in the individual’s misguided focus on outside resource for the eventuality of business growth. Growth of a business comes from growth of a person. This is the real secret to business growth. The personal growth stimulates new neural pathways that allows you to access fresh avenues of idea making. This is a semeiotic-depended relationship in where when one side grows the other side is required to grow as well. We need to stretch in order for our businesses to stretch. Even better, there are always opportunities to grow each side of the equation.

Self Check-Up: If you are finding a plateau on either side, work on growing the opposite side from the side that seems to be stagnant. Amazing results await.


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