Using Habits to Your Advantage



We struggle with habits that seem to keep us from reaching the next stage in our development. Whether we are attempting to cease smoking or simply trying to stay away from those morning sweets, we find ourselves struggling at every turn of the journey. Why? Because the nature of habits are for them to stick once fixed in the mind. Think of each habit like as if it were a train car barreling down the tracks at full speed. It doesn’t matter the number of cars you have, the important thing to remember is the direction of the train tracks. Symbolically, we never look at the tracks when a train goes by – we are always fixated on the train cars. Habits are, in this way, the very same. Habits pay no mind to disposition, religion or race. Habits are really insane thoughts that become “comfortable” to stay with. These are thoughts(that turn into actions)that are repeated in the mind over and over and over and over then – POOF – you no longer think about that which was once just a thought. When you cross-examine our human situation, most of our thoughts are just that – habitual. Andrew Carnegie was quoted saying that men will spend the same amount of effort to avoid thinking as it takes to think. His point is sound, it takes a little effort to think. Meaning, to think outside your normal comfortable habitual thinking zone. Therefore, we can apply this same methodology to habits that propel us in the right direction, all we need to do is change the direction of our thoughts. This will take work to change your thinking. But the chance to bring your habits to your side, working to your advantage, is a chance you must not miss.  



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