Gravitational Pull




Of recent, I’ve noticed that my tastes in music during office work tend to be mostly of Mozartian origin. Not all of the music has been distinctly Mozart compositions, but many resembling his music or music of that area. The reason? I have found that I enter a focused “zone” when this type of music is playing versus a composer like Bach. The reason I believe I feel the gravitational pull towards music of this nature is due to it’s paradoxically multi-dimensional nature, meaning; Mozartian music fortifies enough to stimulate the senses without over-doing said stimulation. Whereas, in music from Bach there is many things to pay attention to that keep the mind over-occupied. Mozart’s music enables me to keep sharp on current tasks without the music side-tracking my thinking processes. Mozart wrote some amazing music that intrigues still to present day. Perhaps, he wrote perfectly for the higher thinker – hard at exploration. 


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