An ‘Agent’ State of Mind


Television shows we watch that involve special agents, there is often a “particular” type of person that seems to make-up an agent. When you look deep, this is true. Not just the person that completes the rigorous training that is needed. No just the person that upholds the physical requirements to be an agent. It’s the person with the right state of mind. This person is able to separate his/her emotions from the situation, acting in accordance to the best possible available option for the moment. This takes not only a particular type of person but a discipline, as well. What we should do is  train ourselves in stressful situations in order to condition our minds to remain calm. When we respond to stress, it’s typically an emotional response.  One could say that the mark of excellence is the level at which an individual is able to remain calm in the highest level of stressful situations. Everyday we experience stress, therefore we are able to practice this every day. 


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