The Next Thing You Should Do For Teaching Success

We are placed in an interesting situation when sitting down with a student. Most teachers are automatically placed in the “authority figure” position by younger students which automatically superimposes a field of tension due to this categorization. For the teacher, this can amount to some issues if resistance is seen as the only option. If resistance is not seen as the only option, the teacher may try to act as the “sweet and innocent” type. This usually leaves to the student gaining most of the control over the lesson time. But is it really control that we are after? During a teaching session it is important to remember that the relationship between the student and the teacher is a symbiotic, inter-depended, coexistent in where the information exchange would cease to exist if one or the other were to give up, become resistant or cross a moral boundary. This domineering sense of placement needs to be diminished by a common understanding that the teacher can learn just as much from the student as the student can from the teacher. This can be a humbling realization for the teacher, as what is learned from this student is given in a very indirect manner. In fact, in order for the learning to happen for the teacher an opening to this needs to occur. In any situation one can learn, how much we learn is completely dependent on how open we are.


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