Environmental Impact on the Artist


Artist’s are interesting people with interesting stories to tell. This stems from their _MG_0307edit023unique and sometimes troubling view on the world. Sometimes, their art tells the tale of how their perceptions change over time as they grow through different stages of artistic expression. Deep down, the artist is expression[through art]what he is experiencing internally. Consequently, the lifestyle that an artist lives can impose many different states upon the artist as his mental capacity fluctuates with the change in his perception. In the end, this rigorous routine of constant tension allows for the individual to produce works of art that cause others to ponder the deepest of human questions. In large part, the artist relies on sensory input from his present environment. This would include: Workspace, living space, acquaintances, etc. Everything that encompasses his immediate surroundings has a direct impact on the production of his art. Therefore, one must think of an artist in nature-like terms; artists are flowers, growing and blossoming. Just like when a flower blossoms, it is in need of the perfect environment in order to support that growth. This same philosophy is true for the artist. The environment that the artist is extremely important as it is what supports or destroys the mind of the artist.


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