Economic Seasons: Embracing Change




We are lucky. As humans of this marvelous universe, we are endowed with the pleasures and pains that come coupled with the changing seasons. In every season there is both struggle and growth, depending on our approach to the situations presented to us during that particular season. With each season comes an element of change. Change, something that we resist on a constant basis, is something that is inevitable due to the law of impermanence. This law simply states that everything is impermanent and is subject to denigration and alteration. Because we are constantly resisting change, when change inevitably happens, we are subject to direct pain as a result. This is what creates struggle; psychological, physical and emotional. This impacts every area of our lives. Our relationships are strained, we tend to only focus on the negative and we act irrationally.

In this same we react to economic change. This is because we tend to not know what season we are in to begin with. This single identifying factor can completely change the game for us. As business owners and thinkers, we want to think that we are where we need to be because our ideas are amazing. The truth is, we don’t know where we are unless we honesty look. Then, we can make sound decisions based on what we find. What we find may not be what we want to see, that is why we don’t look in the first place. If we are in an economic drought, then we need to look at ways to pump water back into our lakes and ponds. This will require us to grow and learn, applying new skills that we may have not needed before this recognition of season. That value in the evaluation is immense. By embracing the change, you open yourself to an array of opportunities that you wouldn’t have seen before your acknowledgement of what season you are in.


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