Become Involved: Community


Being apart of something larger is part of everyone’s vision for a brighter future. We all want to be involved with the larger whole of our Earth community. The key is taking action and jumping in. We are largely in charge of our personal involvement with our community and the impact we have. We must not be scared to jump in and make the calls, set up the meetings and rally a group of people for a sound cause. Inspiration available around every corner, allowing us to take action at every step. Another important component of community involvement is, networking. The importance of networking can’t be over-stated to highly. Making the proper connections with industry leaders, policy makers and project enthusiasts in order to create a solid web of inter-connected minds geared towards a common goal. These connections are also based on sound and solid moral, ensuring that lines of communications stay open between everyone involved. Becoming involved in your community requires taking action – taking that leap. Make your goal this month to become more involved in your local community.



  1. Hi Thomas,
    I really like your new blog and all the things that you are creating and talking about. You and I are definately on the same wave length. Many of these things are the same as what I have been doing for years. I am really glad that things are going so well for you and I knew from the first time I met you that you would go on to do great things. I am so glad that we had you at the Americana for the short time you were here. I’m a fan and I will continue to read your blogs and get creative ideas to share with you as well. You are doing wonderful work!!!!

    1. Hello Diane,

      Thank you for such the wonderful comment! We must get involved, in whatever way we are able. Craft, money and ideas create these possibilities enabling the doors of opportunities to be opened. We are in an unique position to influence our the generates that will out-live us. Through the cultivation of our craft, innovative thinking and open-mindedness we can equip young people to be empowered with their ideas. Stay in touch, and more importantly, stay involved!

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