18 Holocaust violins restored

photo: courtesy of Amnon & Avshalom Weinstein


The Holocaust is remembered as one of the most horrific stories in history. Today, Holocaust survivors are hailed as heros, nurtured in the wake of such an event. As people, stories play a pivotal role in the way we live our lives. We rely on stories to inspire, propel and advance out current mind set into new ways of thinking. Stories speak to our deep need for exploring  life for deep meaning and purpose. We enjoy living vicariously through the stories of other in order to encounter other realms that strengthen our imagination. The Holocaust yield many options for stories telling that provoke many different emotions. An inspiring story of 18 restored surviving Holocaust violinist surfaced as a result of Israeli violin maker  Amnon Weinstein.  The project is rightfully entitled, ‘Violins of Hope’ centering the focus around the continued joy of these instruments after such a historic time in history.  The symbolism that wraps these instruments like a warm blankets clearly sounds the vigor and resilience that resound throughout those that experienced the Holocaust.

Prior to the war, these violins were mostly used for Klezmer playing, but
in the ghettos and concentration camps they played any
possible tune in order to keep their owners alive.
Each one of these violins is connected to the events of the
Holocaust, each one has its own identity and extraordinary
story of survival. Many of these violins are engraved front and
back with the star of David, indicating its makers faith. The
survival, restoration, and playing of these violins worldwide
creates the hope that Amnon’s project stands for.





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