Your Consciousness Creates Universes – The Quantum Physics ‘Wow Factor’

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” ― Carl Sagan

Science is long overdue to enter the spiritual realm. Possibly the spiritual realm has long since been overdue to enter science. Nevertheless, there is exciting things happening in the field of Quantum Physics that leads us to believe that the space between the nucleus of an atom and an electron is a spacy vacuum that have incredible power that is directed by our conscious intentions. Law of Attraction hocus-pocus? Rather, science.

This space is known as the Unified Field, i.e an abstract field of potentiality. In this vacuum of nothing-ness, the following formula applies:

One gram of energy via The Theory of Relativity: E=M  is 10 to the 94 grams of space. Meaning, 1 hydrogen atom has the vacuum space equal to 1 trillion times the energy of all of the mass of all the stars and planets up to 20 billion light years. == WOW FACTOR!

What does this mean? This means you have immense power; Immense with a capital ‘I’!

You are made up of cells that are made up of electrons and atoms – something we all learned in grade school. However, most people don’t speak of the space that is in between those cellular level interactions. Through Quantum Mechanics we find that the vacuum that has appeared to be found by physicists is still something of a deep mystery. Two things have been confirmed, however: 1. The space/vacuum exists. 2. The space/vacuum is extremely powerful, and directed by intention.

The following video will explain as to how our intentions directly influence the space within conscious that is believed to have created everything we know:


Experiments reflect this puzzling wave-particle duality. In some experiments, matter appears to have wavelike properties, like those of water waves and sound waves. But in most experiments, matter appears to be made up of particles. If you look at the theory closely, however, you find that not only can the wavelike properties of matter be explained by the wave function, but so can all the particlelike properties! Because of its special properties, the wave function has created the illusion that matter is made from particles! Particles don’t really exist; the wave function just behaves like particles under certain circumstances.

Edwin Schrodinger and Werner Heisenberg are known as the pillar architects of quantum mechanics. In 1935 Schrdinger devised a thought experiment to illustrate and demonstrate the ambiguity associated with the state of a system prior to conscious observation. Imagine, if you will, a cat placed in a sealed box that also contains a vial of some poisonous gas and a mechanical hammer. Remember, this is all imagined at this juncture. The hammer is activated by a radioactive material with a Geiger counter and once it’s activated it can break the vial releasing the gas, killing the feline contain within the box. The radioactive atoms will disintegrate and the probability of their disintegration can be calculated precisely according to quantum mechanics rules. Suppose that the probability of the hammer being activated after thirty minutes is fifty percent. Then after thirty minutes the probability of the cat being dead is fifty percent but the probability of it’s being alive is also fifty percent. When the box is opened after an hour the observer will find the cat either dead or alive. But prior to the observation, according to quantum mechanics the cat is fifty percent alive and fifty percent dead, which is physically outrageous. What does this imply? This implies that we aren’t entirely clear as to what happens until we observe it. Meaning, if we think that the cat is going to die before opening the box, according to Quantum Mechanics, then the probability of the feline being dead rises. However, we wouldn’t know until opening the box. At it’s core, this means that our intentions play a very large role into the outcome of the events and situations we find ourselves in. Concluding that direct focused intentions are IMPORTANT.

Where should our focus be? Our focus should be to find the space within our thoughts, directing our intentions toward the world we want to create. Successful people throughout the ages have confirmed that they saw their success as images in their mind long before they physically attained it. Question: Where did these images come from? Easy answer: They created it. Deeper Question: Who is the “they” that created it? harder Answer: Take a look for yourself.


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  1. Thanks for an enjoyable blog post. I am fascinated by the weird world of the quantum. A couple of thoughts. First, empty space is probably not an absolute vacuum. Up-and-coming theories such as quantum loop gravity suggest that empty space is composed of numerous finite loops which are interwoven to create a “spin network”. Second, Schroedinger’s Cat was created as a thought experiment to point out the contradictory nature of the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum physics. It was not intended to give any explanation of the way things actually are. The copenhagen interpretation itself is usually claimed to merely be a description that is limited by the nature of the theory. It describes the world probabilistically, reflecting the limits of observation and theory. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t direct our thoughts and visualize success, etc, but if physicists cannot reconcile general relativity and quantum theory, how successful is an attempt to reconcile psychology and quantum theory really going to be?

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