The Original “Moon Walk”: The 40th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing

It didn’t matter if you were a fan of space travel or not – you were engaged. Waiting to here those timeless words “We have landed”. The landing of the Apollo 11 on the Moon was an historic event that will go down as one of the most important developments in human development. This landing was the beginning of an age. This was a time where the hopes and dreams of humans around the world were materialized into real events. The conclusion of this technological step gave way to future innovation and inspiration as young people shot for the stars.

In a recent article for TIME,  Jeffrey Kluge wrote:

That future, as always, is uncertain, but as the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing arrives on July 20, the past remains familiar. Nine Apollo missions were launched moonward, and six of them landed. The cultural memories of these missions remain penny-bright — and the aging men who flew th

e ships retain a status that goes beyond iconic. Baseball players are icons; movie stars are icons. But those kinds of folks, we breed as we need. The lunar fraternity stopped taking members in 1972, when there were only 24 of them — and six have since died. History has produced far more American Presidents than it has lunar astronauts. There are giants among the giants: Lovell, Shepard, Armstrong, Aldrin — figures who, like Gehrig and Lindbergh and Edison, need but one name. Others are harder for people to place: Stu Roosa, Ron Evans, Dick Gordon. But bring any one of the surviving moonmen into a room and he will be approached in the same way: with a wonder and a deference accorded to only those few who have sailed past the part of the map where dragons be and come back home to tell the rest of us what they saw.

Many things can be said about human accomplishments. But when they become actualized and presented in the material world inspiration is inevitable. Let this 40th Anniversary of the Moon landing be continued inspiration to the next generation of star seekers. 



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