Where is ‘Star Trek’s’ LeVar Burton Now?

I spent the last 36 years of my life really trying to change the world” –LeVar Burton 
LaVar Burton, of Star Trek and Reading Rainbow fame, has been out of the lime light for some time now. It seems that Mr. Burton would be seen around the Star Trek conventions and conferences. But, he’s not. He is continuing is agenda to help children to read.

During a recent HuffPost Live interview, LeVar Burton revealed that his favorite children’s books are Mary Hoffman‘s Amazing Grace and Derek Munson‘s Enemy Pie.

For Mr. Burton, working “on that show has enriched my life in so many immeasurable ways.” What was your favorite Reading Rainbow book?


He has also continued the Reading Rainbow crusade. In a recent article by the Sacramento Bee he talks about the new Reading Rainbow App:

Co-founding RRKidz with veteran entertainment producer Mark Wolfe, Burton and his company secured the “Reading Rainbow” rights in 2011. RRKidz released the “Reading Rainbow” app for Apple last year. The app debuted on the Kindle Fire three weeks ago.

The app is No. 1 in the educational category on Kindle and remains in the top five on iTunes. It can be purchased for $10 a month or $29.99 for six months.

“The brand is still viable,” Burton said. “This is a whole new generation of kids who don’t watch the amount of television that kids in the ’80s and ’90s watched. The television screen is only one screen in their lives. So if you want to be where kids are today, if you want to reach them, you’ve got to be on mobile devices. Tablet computers are what’s up.”

The app gives children unlimited access to more than 300 books and “field trip” videos. Every week, new materials are added. According to Burton, kids read more than 47,000 books a week with the app.

“Think about that,” Burton said. “There isn’t a brick-and-mortar library that can deliver 47,000 books a week to kids – it’s just not possible.”

Since the app launched last year, more than 2.5 million books and videos have been viewed. Burton said he’s proud to help pioneer a method to get children to read.


It seems that nothing has slowed him down and he is continuing to inspire children to read and to love books. Through adversity and the changing of times, LeVar has found his place in this tech-drive society. With the launch of this app to millions of children, LeVar Burton is remaining the king of literacy inspiration in America.




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