Weekend Passport: Don’t Click Here

So, your weekend is coming to a close. You don’t want to think about how your week with begin with the close approaching Monday start. My question is, why should you give up your weekend? You are probably confused as to what I am implying, so I will explain…

The frame of mind that you arrive to when you are embarking on a relaxing weekend is a frame of mind that can be carried from day to day, regardless of whether you are working or not. What changes is our environment and how we relate to it. Essentially, we are allow our environment to dictate how we feel inside, thus adding or subtracting stress in our lives.

Think about it: You walk into work and all of the same things are there. Your desk, co-workers, bosses, etc. Everything that you dread. Right? Wrong! If you change your perception of your current environment by mentally deciding that the objects, people, and construction of your environment is with/for you and not against you. Interestingly, we find that our thinking tends to see our day jobs as “against” us. I.e. The company doesn’t pay enough, the boss is mean, I don’t like my co-workers. Evening if one or more of these things are true that doesn’t mean they are “against” you. This means, simply, that this is how your interpret what it happening.

As Sunday approaches, make the decision to view your up and coming work environment as something that “with” you aiding in your success as a human being. We are in environments we place ourselves in. Let us not be taken over by those same environment.


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