Give Me 5 Seconds! : Help Lucky the Elephant at the San Antonio Zoo!


Lucky, a 53 year old elephant currently at the San Antonio Zoo needs to be moved to a place where she can interact with other elephants and regain a sense of community. She is currently being housed without a companion, causing emotional and mental stress on the seasoned animal. Just as we all want to retire in comfort and security, we should strive to allow kind animals to do the same. For many years Lucky has brought joy and happiness to the people that have visited her in Texas, it is now time to allow her to live out the rest of her days amongst other elephants in a peaceful environment.

Take 5 seconds to sign the online petition in support of Lucky’s move to an elephant sanctuary by clicking below:
Be sure to share this with your friends so we can maximize the number of signatures! Thank you!

The longevity and happiness relies on the humans of this world. We must take charge in times like this to initiate acts of change that make our planet a better place for all that inhabit it.


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