Book Review: ‘How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist’

The 2009 effort by Nicole Bouchard Boles is a savory book loaded with ideas, action plans, and thought provoking information. Boles, mother of three, gives you a plethora of valuable information that is structured as to apply to every day practices.

The Book:

Self described as “330 wasy to make a difference” does just that and more. In the book you will find areas of philanthropy categorized by what you can ‘use’. This makes for a wonderful resource in terms of applying these actions to our lives to benefit others.

Book Examples:
Boles lists many ways to impact the community around you, so I have only showcased a select few bellow.

from How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist by Nicole Bouchard Boles

Use Your Time
1. Foster a Pet
2. Volunteer Online
3. Work for the Earth

Use Your Awareness
1. Start an E-Campaign
2. Educate Face-to-Face
3. Discover Your Carbon Footprint

“The only thing that can save the world is the reclaiming of the awareness of the world.” -Allen Ginsberg

This book is a delightful read and a must have for any home or office library. You can use the book a reference book, study book, or simply something to read through from time to time. No matter the way you approach the book, you will eventually find yourself implementing concepts that will enhance the world around you.

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