Does the New Pitt Film ‘World War Z’ Point Out Our Zombie-Like Society?

In the new Brad Pitt movie “World War Z”, the world is coming to an end in the wake of a zombie take over. Pitt, an ex-U.N. crisis specialist, is called back into action in order to save humanity as it crumbles from within.

This might seem like a plot of typical “zombie” form, even Kenneth Turan(LA Times)said that although parts of “World War Z” are formulaic, “it’s good to have Pitt in the one-man-against-the-apocalypse role. Though nothing about this part is a particular challenge, it’s satisfying to see the actor handling being an old-school Mr. Intrepid without breaking a sweat.”

We are used to these type of movies. There have been more zombie attack movies released in the last 5 years than the previous 10 years combined. Why is this form of film making so popular, turning this same theme into blockbuster after blockbuster? This could be due to the story contributing an element of the current social psychology. Meaning, because the majority of society has little trust in their government, money system, or service provides it’s incredibly possible that the zombie form of film making is playing to this mass psychology of “doom and gloom”. This is not perpetuating the psychology, but justifying the mentality. We go to movies like this to say, “See! There is a worse life than mine.”, even if its not real, instead of making our lives the best they can be in every way every day, we look for justification for the way our lives are.

Enjoy this lastest wonderful action-packed effort by Brad Pitt. But, remember it’s a movie not a justification, direction, or reason to not live an outstanding life.


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