Combat Future Migraines with the Power of Ginger

Ginger is a wonderful spice plant that derives from zingiber officinale that is mainly found in Africa and Asia. The plant has been used as remedies for many things and label essential amongst Eastern Africa and India for herbal medicine. The Chinese have used ginger as a treatment for Nausea, Stomachaches(and digestion issues), and diarrhea – since the fourth Century. The composition of the plant does vary with the type of ginger that is used. this means that the agronomic effects vary as well. The essential compounds for effective use are as follows:  81% water contents, 12.4% carbohydrates 2.3% protein, 0.91% fat, 1.19%minerals and 2.4% fiber content. The plant is extremely rich in vitamins such as Niacin and vitamin C, thiamine and riboflavin.


  1. Ginger has been showed beneficial to be used to prevent motion sickness caused by a microbial agent called hyperemesisgravidarum. Individuals who take 1g of powder can easily recover from motion sickness than individuals who rely only on medicinal treatments like Dramamine.
  2. Ginger is applied in situations for digestive disorders where heart burn and indigestion are the major symptoms. It remedies  the infected digestive area without opening other ways for more diseases to enter. Furthermore, most digestive disorders like gastrointestinal issues need continuous treatment which is strengthened by natural herbs, like ginger root. This is due to the involvement of  ginger in the re-ordering process of the disorder using its special biochemical compounds.
  3. Recently, medical investigative research has showcased that taking the powder form of ginger during the symptoms of migraine up to 4 days in 4 hours divisions can provide relief from future migraine attacks. Continuing, recent medical research has proved that this herb can prevent the spread of breast Cancer by inhibiting the precursors of growth of cancerous cells in human body.

Ginger Nutritional Facts


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