Are you distracted by all of this? Technology as a Tool


We can all agree that we live in a society driven by technology. Our lives are constructed around how technology can be integrated into every aspect of our lives. From televisions in our automobiles to the synchronization of our phones with washer and dryers. Amidst all of this integration we find ourselves at the center of a technological vacuum that seems to such attention in ever second of every day. The question here is if we are becoming to involved with all of this stimuli or not? You can’t find someone that will take time out enough to not check Facebook or their email. What this does is keeps the person distracted from their own moments in time. Eventually, the time passes and they wonder where the time went. We are blessed to have such technology and information so readily available to us. However, we need to remember how important the present moment is – precious.

Mastering the Tech

In order to master the technology that we are surrounded by, we need to understand the fundamental uses for the technology. This should weed out the needless tinkering we do with them. Establishing this will better clear up our understanding of our relationship with the technology. Enabling us with the ability to discern where our attention goes in the midst of all of the caos. We must take it upon ourselves to understand where we are at every moment, at least for a while, until we are able to handle having this technology all around us. In drastic cases, a technology “fast” is needed. An extrication from the constant stimuli can offer the brain rest and rejuvenation that is extremely valuable.


Reinstating & Reintegration

In order to reinstate the technology back into our lives we must not forgot what role it plays in our lives. Remember the times you got distracted by all the goings-on, and pledge not to let that happen again. As we begin to use technology as tools, not letting technology use us, we find a sense of liberation and freedom. This will enable us to be creative and focused in how we use the technology presented. Instead of looking for the next screen to entertain us, we look for personal interactions with friends and family to fill that need for connection. As we gain strength, we realize that we have more control then we first thought. This is an empowering moment, clearing our mind from the sensory input. As a result we will be able to produce a high quality of content. When before, we might have been distracted, limiting the range in which we can produce. When we start to reintegrate technology into our lives, we understand it’s true place in our lives. Where we should use it, and where it has no place. This insight is key to our success if we plan on producing anything of longevity or sustainability. Always keep in mind that technology is a tool to be used for the ultimate materialization of your goals and dreams. Therefore, we should keep it at a distance, leaving us in control at all times.


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