summer salad recipe

Summer “Cool-Fresh Salad” Recipe


The kids are out of school and summer is upon us. This is the time we are graced with the opportunities to experiment with amazingly lushes summer ingredients that are normally not available to us during the other months. I live in Texas, one of the hottest states in the country. Therefore, we are always looking for ways to cool down from the ever relentless heat. So I’ve put together a recipe for a summer “Cool-Fresh Salad” recipe specifically for those hot afternoons.

In cooking, you create the sense of “coolness” by using juices and sweet ingredients. With a salad this is often done by concocting juicy-sweet dressings. In this recipe I will be using a selected amount of cut fruits to create a coolness without taking away from the richness of the vegetables in the salad.  summer salad recipe



Cut 2 cups of spinach

Cut 1 cup of red grapes

Cut 1 orange into quarter pieces

Grate 4 carrots into bowl

Cut 1 cup of l cup of lettuce.


Combine your ingredients, now chopped and cut ready to be placed in a large serving bowl. Mix by hand or with two serving spoons until all of the ingredients are mixed consistently.


This will serve 2 people. You can ad a simple lemon vinaigrette or olive oil dressing. You want to keep the dressing light and thin as to not take away from the richness of the flavors already established through the fruit already in the salad.


  • Carrots
  • Grapes
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Orange



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