Top 5 Things to Address at the Conclusion of a Music Lesson |THE ARTS


I wanted to address a few simple things that I have seen other music teachers miss, following a music lesson. Most of these thing may seem novel or go without saying. However, they are extremely important for the reenforcement of integrity and moral between both you, and the student’s parents. They are as follows:

1. Fill the Parent(s) In
Always take a few minutes between lessons to fill parent(s) in on what their child is learning and working on. If the student is above parenting age, make sure you reiterate the practice goals at least twice, having them repeat them back to you at least once as well.

2. Next Week’s Goals
Announce to the student what they have to look forward to during next week’s lesson. Also, mentioning this to the parent(s) would not hurt either.

3. A Single Thought
Leave the student with a single thought that applies to both music and life. This will help them detect connections between their musical and normal life. This will also aid in adding of dimensions to their understandings of life-music appliance.

4. Oldie but a Goody
Consider having them play a song from when they first started. Reviewing a beginning song will bring back memories and reinforce their reasoning for starting music. If they are just starting, have them play some “random fun notes”. I.e. have them play notes that they pick out, out of the ones that they know. This will give them a sense of beginning song writing skills.

5. Ask for Questions
Ask them if they have any question about what to work on; new concepts, and/or technical/mechanical issues in their playing. Iron out the little doubts they may have, in order to ensure a fruitful practice week.

Happy Teaching!

Thomas McGregor


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