Antibiotic Resistant Meat Contains Staph Bacteria |HEALTH


“The first study to examine the nation’s supply of beef, chicken, pork and poultry for presence of staph bacteria – including MRSA, a strain of staph that is resistant to most commonly used antibiotics – is an eye-opener. Nearly half of tested samples from popular retailers were contaminated with staph, and most strains were resistant to more than one antibiotic. The sources of the resistant bacteria are the animals, which are plied with antibiotics to counter unsanitary living conditions and boost meat production.” -AP

|This is ever more reason to read and research your meat intake products. Strive to get your protein source from Hemp, raw beans, and nuts. Meat is a good source it protein, when NOT contaminated.  Also, you have to understand that this issue could be blamed on our over anxious desire for meat products. Furthermore, the farmers are pressured to “pump” out meat products at rates that are unnatural. Considering the amount of antibiotics, disease, and biochemical trace elements that are in meat products, you must ask the question: Am I better with or without the meat from the supermarket? |

Thomas McGregor


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