TECHNOLOGY:: DVE: Immersion Room

DVE TelePresence(Digital Video Enterprises, Inc) is a multi-million dollar technology company that specializes in telecommunications and teleconferencing via the highest quality of multi dimensional streaming video. Jeff Machtig and  Steve McNelley manage this multifaceted company, striving for perfection in your long distance communication experience. Below I have listed a video of their newest brain-child, Immersion, as a testament to how powerful technology has escalated:

Steve McNelley, PhD is the Co-CEO of Digital Video Enterprises, Inc. Mr. McNelley is a very well spoken and smart individual, you will find this interview with him very insightful into how the Immersion technology emerged.


Technologies of this splendor, 20 years ago was sought after in sciencefiction novels and films. The idea that there is now technology that can transport your image in 3 dimensions with high definition stereo sound, and convert it to video is astonishing. For the normal tech-geek this technology has been developing for years and may not seem to be as groundbreaking as it might to a person never hearing of such technological possibilities. Even so, I submit to you; to step back from your every day perspective(whatever that may be)and really see the wondrous things we have created as humans. In this case the amazement isn’t in an artform of “typical” merit. For this artform, that has been cultivated and produced presents the opportunity to communicate with other humans, just shy of the non-living. What does 20 years from now hold? Based on where we are starting, with technologies such as DVE Immersion, we may be able to speak with the dead after all.

By: Thomas McGregor

Link: Digital Video Enterprises, Inc.



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